For our partners, we developed different solutions in a wide range of areas. In doing so, we not only produce plug-and-play applications that could be interesting for other users as well, but also many small and clever functions that make code efficient, fast and reliable. 


  • Daily global snow cover maps with 500m resolution.

  • Daily snow cover maps with 20m resolution for special areas of interest (e.g. the Alps, Rocky Mountains).

  • 20m resolution snow depth maps for Switzerland
    and the U.S. . 

Every day, our snow cover maps are generated on AWS and distributed via WMTS (Web Map Tile Service).


With the ExoSnow App, downloadable from the main app stores, we provide easy access for private end-users. 


  • Global cropland classification without external samples.

  • Cropland classification for Brazil with detailed samples.

  • Global crop type classification with plugged-in samples in a 2-step classification approach. 

We provide a single-file executable for local processing, as well as a cloud solution on AWS that includes a User GUI and database. After click-and-go parameterisation, whole batches can be automatically processed. Results are stored on AWS S3 and users are notified about finished runs per mail. 


  • Deep learning for land use and land cover changes in Switzerland. 

  • Combination of CNN and Random Forest Classification.

  • Usage of areal images, raster and vector data.

Our pre-trained classifiers support the Swiss government to identify 99 different land use / land cover categories within its territory. These classifiers are trained on a unique training set and can be adapted to various use-cases.

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