Our products are based on various Proof-of-Concept studies for our clients. Out of these complex research projects, we generate user-friendly and innovative solutions. 


Deep Learning for Snow Monitoring

Together with the EcoVision Lab at ETH Zurich, the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, MountaiNow and Outdooractive we develop an advanced deep learning approach for highly accurate snow depth estimations on a daily basis. 

This project is realised in the framework of an Innosuisse project. 

Partners: Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, ETH Zurich, MountaiNow, Outdooractive, Innosuisse


Continous Snow Monitoring System

With COSMOS we provide near-realtime global snow cover maps in different spatial resolutions. 

  • COSMOS: 500m resolution

  • COMOS-20: 20m resolution

  • COSMOS-SD: Snow depth for Switzerland and the U.S.
    with 20m resolution. 


Partners: Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Swiss Space Center, OutdoorActive


Segmentation And Mapping of Brazils Agriculture

Originally designed specifically for Brazil, this project grew to global scale and was re-implemented on AWS. We offer various options to introduce your in-house data.

  • SAMBA: Local single-file executable for Linux

  • cSAMBA: Re-Implementation on AWS
  • oSAMBA: By default, open for seventeen different land cover classes.

Partners: SwissRe


Arealstatistik Deep Learning

​A project together with FHNW and funded by the Federal Statistical Office (BFS) to improve the areal statistics in Switzerland using machine learning methods based on multi-temporal and multi-scale earth observation data.

  • Pre-trained classifiers based on unique datasets

  • Complete tool with multiple sub-processes


Partners: Federal Statistical Office, FHNW


Finished or otherwise inactive projects

  • DeFROST (predecessor of COSMOS)

  • Smart raster processing executables

  • LiDAR based mapping of forest layering and deadwood

  • Object-based image analysis for land cover mapping

  • Rapid mapping of storm damages

  • Environmental impacts of refugee camps

  • Thermal mapping of urban areas

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