What We Offer


  • Snow Mapping

  • Forest Monitoring

  • Crop Assessment

  • Change Detection



The earth is rapidly changing and satellites are the best tool to measure that globally. The quantification of these changes on different scales enable regional, national and international policy-makers to make educated decisions to improve efficiency and sustainability.  


  • Site Information

  • Planning Assistance

  • Hazard Monitoring 

  • Asset Management



As cities become bigger, rural areas fight with an increasing outflow. Urban planning and regional development based on geo-information, statistical models and remote-sensing data help public sector entities to manage and obtain their resources as effectively as possible. 


  • Condition Analysis

  • Quantification 

  • Monitoring

  • Estimations and Trends


The world's population is affected by changing environmental conditions. Acquiring accurate metrics for strategic management of resources is crucial for an efficient use of ecosystem goods and services and to become more resilient. 


  • Exposure Management

  • Index Insurance

  • Risk Reduction

  • Loss Assessment



Severe weather events put enormous pressure on insurances that manage the risks of farmers, governments or companies. Highly scalable spatio-temporal data is an essential input for modern insurers to model different scenarios for their customers. 

How We Do It


  • User-oriented

  • OS independent 

  • Seamless UX

Our algorithms can be bundled into neat customised software packages you can access in your preferred way. Terminal Commands, Single File Executables, Graphical User Interfaces. Whatever you need, you get.

Cloud Solutions

  • AWS Implementations

  • Different Points of Entry

  • Complete Setups

Nowadays, algorithms need to be highly scalable and efficient. Code no longer runs on the four cores of a local machine, but on a hundred on the cloud. We provide complete solutions, including the User Interface, Cloud Monitoring, Database Reporting and handy Email responses. 


  • State of Research

  • System Understanding

  • Practical Experience

  • Passion and Curiosity

We studied remote sensing, geo-informatics, biology and earth-system science. Still, there is always something new to discover. Let us help you find ways to innovate. 

Data Access

  • APIs


  • File Systems

  • Database Management

Easy access to our products in the way you need it. 

ExoLabs provides customised end-to-end solutions for geo-data analysis and management, focusing on information from satellites and airborne imaging systems. We develop complex image processing algorithms and implement them in the existing workflows of our customers.

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